Distinctive feature of RCTMR

  • This center carries out integrated study on microbiology for fermentation, environment microbiology, and microbial disease, which seems to be the only program of its kind globally.
  • We are studying microorganisms that are strongly related to human activities, such as those involved in fermented food or brewing, those infectious to animals, plants, and humans, and also those utilized for bioremediation.
  • Among the microorganisms described above, many thermotolerant or semi-thermophilic ones adapted to environments with a relatively high temperature have been found. Some of these have also been shown to have the potential to provide new and valuable results in many different fields, such as the production of useful chemicals or biofuels, techniques for environmental purification, and new diagnostic methods for infectious diseases.
  • We are proceeding to “cool” research on microbes that inhabit “hot” environments.