Impotant dates

14 Oct. 2010:
the deadline was extended to 19th (Tue)!
Deadline for abstract submission (with intention to submit a full paper).
Authors suggest the name of 4 potential reviewers that have agreed to review the paper in advance.

15 Nov. 2010:
Notification of acceptance (or rejection) of abstract and the names of reviewers confirmed by editors

15 Nov. 2010-01 Apr. 2011:
Author's working period (see below for author's responsibility in this period).

01 Apr. 2011: (SLOSED)
Author's deadline of final (corrected) papers submitted to editors with revision notes (must be accompanied by an early bird registration). Reviewers obligatorily appear on the acknowledgments. Author's preference on Oral/Poster presentations*.

01 Sep. 2011: (CLOSED)
Final deadline for Poster abstract submission (no full-paper submission) *.
*Authors of full-papers have preference in presenting their work orally
Author's responsibility during the working period (15 Nov. 2010-01 Apr. 2011):
a. Production of full-paper manuscript
b. Manuscript submission to reviewers and editors, no later than 15 Feb.
c. Receive solicited corrections and signed form from reviewers, no later than 15 Mar. Author must report this to the editors.
d. Appropriate revision works after reviewer's comments
e. Submission of revised manuscript (with reviewers' notes and forms) to the editors, no later than 01 Apr.

The deadlines changed as follows;

13 May: early bird registration(CLOSED)

01 Sep: final registration (CLOSED)

01 Sep: cancelation of registration (50% refund) (CLOSED)

05 Sep: poster presentation abstract (CLOSED)


24(Mon)-26(Wed) OCTORBER 2011: Symposium at Kyoto Univ.