Field trip submission is closed. Thank you. (8 Sept. 2011)

Pre-meeting excursion Fee: 6,000 yen including bus transport
Post-meeting excursion Fee: 35,000 yen including bus transport

NOTICE! Pre-field excursion Schedule changed

Dear participants for pre-meeting excursion,

We have new and revised important information and please read carefully the contents below.

Based on the recent investigations on the planned sites, we found that the previously planned sites are not adequate now for the excursion due to safety problems. We thus had to change the destination, but general schedule is not changed.

1. Destination of the pre-meeting excursion: North of Kobe (west of Osaka) (NEW)
2. What you see: Ongoing landslide of Paleogene tuffaceous rocks (outcrops and topography), hot spring, country side of Japan (NEW)
3. Transportation: chartered bus (unchanged)
4. The date of the pre-field excursion: 23rd October (Sunday) (unchanged)
5. Departure time: 0800 at JR Kyoto Station (unchanged)
6. Returning time: 1700 at JR Kyoto Station and 1730 at Kyoto Univ (unchanged)
We have an ice breaker party at the main campus of Kyoto Univ from 1800

If you have any questions/enquiries, please send an e-mail.
Please accept our change of plan.
We are looking forward to seeing you in Kyoto.

Kiichiro Kawamura
Secretary, ISSMMTC Kyoto

Post-field excursion, Boso accretionary prism (Two days)

Two day field trip to Pleistocene Submarine Landslides in the Boso (27-28 October, 2011)

Tentative schedule:

27 Oct. 8:00 Participants meet at JR Kyoto Station,
8:30 Depart the Kyoto station of Shinkansen (Super express train),
11:00 Arrive at the Tokyo station and drive to the Boso by bus, Lunch,
13:00-17:00 Field observation
Stop 1: Submarine land slide associated with earthquake-induced liquified sediment flow;
Stop 2: chaotic rock body apparently due to methane explosion), 17:30 arrive at Hotel.

28 Oct. End of the field trip.
The bus will stop the Haneda International Airport and JR Tokyo station around noon. To the Narita International Airport: about 2 hours by shuttle bus or train. To the Kansai International Airport: about 1 hour flight from the Haneda Airport, ~3 hours by the Shinkansen. The transportation fee from Haneda Airport or Tokyo station is not included in the field trip fee.

Fee: ~35000 yen

We will visit a large-scale chaotic sedimentary body within Late Pliocene to Pleistocene trench-slope cover sediments of the Chikura Group, Central Japan. This body formed by earthquake-induced liquefaction and submarine sliding formed on the seafloor. Detail information on the outcrop are documented in the following paper:

Yamamoto, Y., Ogawa, Y., Uchino, T., Muraoka, S., and Chiba, T., 2007. Large-scale chaotically mixed sedimentary body within the Late Pliocene to Pleistocene Chikura Group, Central Japan, Island Arc, 16, 505-507.

If we have enough time, we will visit another chaotic rock-unit plausibly related to methane-hydrate explosion.