10th ISAAC Congress information
for the members of the session "Recent Progress in Evolution Equations"
at University of Macau, August 3-8, 2015

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Short description:
The goal of the session is to discuss the state-of-the-art of qualitative properties of solutions of linear and non-linear evolution models. We have in mind results for dispersive equations, σ-evolution equations and parabolic equations as well. Among other things well-posedness, asymptotic proble, blow-up behavior and the influence of low regular coeffcients are of interest.

List of the participants (undetermined)

No.  Name City (or university) Country   
Winfried Sickel (plenary speaker) Jena Germany  abstract 
Karen Yagdjian (plenary speaker) Edinburg  USA  abstract
3 Christian Jäh   Freiberg  Germany  abstract 
Lavi Karp Karmiel Israel abstract 
Makato Nakamura Yamagata Japan abstract 
Kenji Nishihara Tokyo Japan abstract 
7 Michael Reissig Freiberg Germany abstract 
8 Hiroshi Takeda Fukuoka Japan abstract 
9 Yuta Wakasugi Nagoya Japan abstract 
10 Liu Yan Guangdong China abstract 
11 Lu Xiaojun Nanjing China abstract 
12 Shuji Yoshikawa Ehime Japan abstract 
13 Anahit Galstian Edinburg USA abstract 
14 Kyouhei Wakasa Hokkaido Japan abstract 
15 Laila Fitriana Yamaguchi Japan abstract 
16 Fumihiko Hirosawa Yamaguchi Japan abstract 
17 Andrei Faminski Moscow Russia abstract 
18 Massimo Gobbino Pisa Italy abstract
19 Marina Ghisi Pisa Italy abstract
20 Marcello D'Abbicco Sao Paulo, Bari Brazil, Italy abstract 
21 Wanderley Nunes do Nascimento Freiberg, Sao Paulo Germany, Brazil abstract 
22 Mohamed Abdelhamid Djaouti Freiberg Germany abstract 
23 Salah-Eddine Rebiai Batna Algeria abstract 
24 Claudia Garetto Loughborough UK abstract 
25 Jens Wirth Stuttgart Germany abstract 
26 Pham Trieu Duong Hanoi Vietnam abstract 
27 Akisato Kubo Nagoya Japan abstract 
28  Hideo Nakazawa  Tokyo  Japan  abstract 

Series of abstracts of Session 19

Marcello D'Abbicco (Bari, Sao Paulo)
Fumihiko Hirosawa (Yamaguchi)
Michael Reissig (Freiberg)

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